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Practicing Tips

How much time should you allot to piano practice per day or week? The answer depends on the time available, but in general, 10 - 30 minutes for adult beginning pupils and a minimum of an hour for advanced adult pupils is ideal. Children have shorter attention spans than adults, so breaking up their practice sessions can be more productive. For younger students, 10 - 15 minute sessions each day is a better option. Long marathon practice sessions can lead to frustration and cramped fingers. Frustration interferes with the learning of essential skills, and fills the practice time with negativity, so keep piano practice short, regular and positive. 

Practicing tips for pupils and parents with younger pupils:

  • Establish a routine. Having a set time to practice each day will make the practice seem like part of the pupil's everyday life. 

  • End practice on a positive note. Tackle the more challenging musical pieces first, and end playing an easier exercise. 

  • Have a purposeful atmosphere during practice time. Minimise background noise and distractions. 

  • Don't stop practicing a piece once you've made it through the entire piece once or twice. Play it over and over. Remember, your muscle memory needs practice too. 

Taking the time to practice between lessons will sharpen skills, refine technique and the pupil a better, all-around musician. Spend time focused on music exercises and you'll be amazed at how much you'll improve when you take the time to practice the piano. 

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