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Terms & Conditions

Fees and Music

Piano and theory lessons in my music room:

£15.00 for 30 minutes

£27.00 for 60 minutes

A £50 deposit is required to secure a lesson slot which is refundable when lessons are discontinued. Music books and other resources will be recommended to support learning and are to be purchased by pupils/parents. Lessons are non-transferable if there are multiple pupils from the same household. Fees are usually increased by a small amount at the beginning of each academic year.

Payment and teaching weeks for regular lessons

Lesson fees are payable in advance for each half-term via bank transfer. You will receive an invoice for lessons between one and two weeks before payment is due with a due date. Click here to view the 2023-2024 teaching weeks. 

Location, days and times of lessons

Lessons take place in my music room which is located on the first floor, facing the front of my home. Access to my music room is open, and the blinds are always open during lessons. Parents are welcome to view my music room during a consultation meeting (offered to new pupils before starting lessons). 

Lessons are taught Monday - Friday (afternoon and evening) and Saturday (morning and afternoon). Lessons are available during half term, Easter and Christmas breaks and are booked as additional lessons. Lessons continue as usual if your lesson falls on a bank holiday.

Lessons continue during the summer break (late July - end of August). You will receive an online form from which you can select the weeks you are available for lessons. Lesson days and times during the summer break are negotiated to accommodate mine and your plans/other commitments. 

Child Protection (pupils under the age of 19)

Parents are encouraged to sit in the waiting area during lessons, which is located in my living room. If parents do not want to wait in the waiting area and would prefer to drop off and collect, this preference must be communicated to me before this preference takes place. 

Rescheduling and missed lessons

I will endeavour to reschedule cancelled lessons. If I'm not able to do so, the lesson will still be paid for. If I have to cancel a lesson, I will offer a refund via the subsequent half-term invoice. 

Behaviour, conduct, professionalism and safeguarding

I am fully DBS-checked. Excellent behaviour and conduct of pupils are expected at all times during lessons. If there are any behavioural concerns, I will raise these with the pupil/parent immediately. I reserve the right to cease a lesson if behaviour issues are impacting learning and progress. Pupils/parents are expected to respect my home, belongings and music room. Eating and drinking are strictly prohibited in the waiting area. 

There will be times during lessons when physical contact is required to help progress and develop skills or confidence i.e. touching/moving fingers and hands to the correct position on the keyboard or developing correct hand posture. You should inform me immediately if you/your child feel uncomfortable with physical contact during lessons so alternative methods can be applied. 

Discontinuing lessons

Four weeks notice is normally required to discontinue lessons, although this may be waived if I am able to fill your lesson slot immediately. Lessons already paid for will not be refunded. 

Practice between lessons

Pupils are set activities to complete between lessons on a regular basis. Practice not only consolidates content taught during the lessons but helps develop technique and progress. It is important that pupils/parents of younger pupils establish a regular routine. Click here for more practice tips. 

The agreement

By taking out services with Lively Keyz, you agree, accept and understand all conditions outlined. 

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