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What some of my students have to say...

"I thoroughly enjoy my lessons with Greg. I cannot believe the amount of progress I've made in such a short space of time. From having no previous experience of piano playing and music theory, I'm now confident in reading music and I'm not as afraid to try, despite still making mistakes as Greg is extremely patient and clear in his explanations. From this, he makes learning piano a lot more fun rather than it feeling like a chore. I look forward to my lessons each week and can only hope to become as talented as he is."

"I really enjoy my piano lessons with Greg. He's really patient and makes learning fun. He is always happy to work with me to find pieces of music I really like too. I am enjoying the worksheets that he sets and they help to make the theory really stick in my head."


"When I first started, I did not know anything about piano playing. But now I know certain keys and how to read music. Greg makes my lessons fun and I look forward to going each week."


"During the COVID-19 pandemic, I've had online lessons which I have thoroughly enjoyed. Greg is really helpful and patient with me. I have learnt a lot and it is like being in the same room. He has sent me support videos of pieces I am learning. I like the worksheets that are available on the student area. They are helping me to learn to read music more easily".

"Greg is the best. I like that his lessons are fun and he is really good at playing the piano. He is inspiring and I am grateful for Greg being my piano teacher. I really enjoy doing the online theory worksheets. They aren't too hard or too easy and they are fun. I like the crosswords the best."

"I like Greg's piano lessons because they are fun and funny. I would give them 5 out of 5."


"I really enjoy the wide variety of music that Greg has taught me. I find Greg's enthusiasm inspiring, so much so that I wish to become a music teacher as my chosen career"


"I enjoy piano lessons with Greg because I get to play the music I like. Greg is very patient, supports me with sensitivity and guides me when learning new pieces "

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